Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)​ Global

NTC Asia (NTC) Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) Global service is tailored specially for businesses that require a secure, reliable, dedicated and high performing internet for key business operations such as cloud services, critical communications, real-time e-payments and file-sharing. To better optimize our customers' internet traffic for business operations, NTC developed an intelligent core network that is able to identify in real-time the best possible route with the minimum number of hops and lowest latency

Key Benefits

High Reliability

Our self-healing network design maximizes redundancy and ensures network availability


High Scalability

Highly flexible future-proof design to cater to your business needs. Easily adjust your bandwidth between 1Mbps and 10Gbps whenever your business requirement changes over time


Guaranteed Bandwidth

Consistent and predictable performance ensures you get 100% of what you have subscribed all the time


Multiple Upstreams

Connected to multiple International Service Provider in Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, USA, and with uncongested international bandwidth


Intelligent Routing

Real-time optimization of best possible routing to provide minimum hops and lowest latency to destinations


Premium 24/7 Customer Support

Receive 24/7 premium customer support with your dedicated business account representative and our technical support specialists


How It Works

NTC’s intelligent routing network is able to identify in real-time the best possible upstream route which provides the minimum number of hops and lowest latency for our customers to reach their traffic destination

Require low latency to China or Asia?

Our DIA Premium Service offers the Lowest Latency between South East Asia (Mekong) & China

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